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Monday thru Friday

Get up at 5:30 AM

Get the kids up at 6AM

Leave the house at 6:35 AM

Drop the kids off at the babysitter and get to the meeting place for my car pool by 7 AM

Get to work at about 7:45

Leave work at 4:30 with car pool

Get to the babysitters to pick the kids up at 6 PM

Get home about 6:20

Start dinner, help kids with homework while dinner is cooking.

Eat dinner about 7-7:15PM

Do laundry, or any other cleaning that can't wait until the weekend

Spend about an hour with my kids before bedtime.

9PM tuck the kids in.

9PM to 10:30-11PM Visit web sites like SoHo Jobs or Telecommuting Jobs to try to find work I could be paid for to fill the 9PM to 11PM slot of time. Or work on crafts, which I take to work and sell.


Saturday and Sunday

Saturdays and Sundays are not as full as my weekdays, but it's the only time I get with my kids, really. I would be more than happy to do computer work on the weekends, but to pay for a babysitter so I could work outside the home wouldn't really be worth it. I live an hour away from the closest city so the only things available close to me are fast food jobs. I would be handing the babysitter my paycheck.