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I regularly check the free telecommuting web sites, and have sent out many resumes with no response.

I have also signed up for a lot of affiliate programs (only the free ones), but they don't really help unless you've got the money to advertise. Below are some links to the affiliate programs I belong to. I only sign up for the ones that have an actual product to sell, because I feel that all the other ones are nothing but scams.

I also make crafts and sell them where I work. But part of the money made from that goes back into buying more craft supplies so I can continue to do that. I normally buy the supplies only when they are on sale or at places like Family Dollar or Big Lots. I have included some pictures of things I have made, and can make more of, if anyone is interested in buying.

I have made some money by selling my crafts, and also from painting signs for some local businesses. That is how I have paid down a lot of the debt I had. Two years ago, I had almost $15000.00 in debt. But it has been quite a while since I have made anything from either of those projects.