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My Story

The Road To Debtsperation

Had a good job
With quite a commute
Found a job closer
With just as much loot.
They told me the hours
And it sounded great.
But what I got instead
Was working 8-8.
My husband lost his temper
And told off my boss.
And that is how that
crappy job got lost.
Then I find out,
My hubby was straying.
And it wasn't with just one
Little hottie he was playing.
So then came divorce
Because I couldn't stay.
Knowing my husband
Like to go play.
I got the house
And the kids, too.
With a crappier job
And not as much loot.
Next came the credit cards
To buy gas  and food.
Boy, those collectors
Really are rude.
So, now its Cash Advances
What a money pit!
Checking account in the red
I am neck deep in __it!
Can't get a loan
'Cause my credit is shot.
I really am desperate
About this, I kid you not.
So send me a buck,
Or ten, or twenty.
As much as you can,
'Cause I need plenty.