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In a state of debtsperation, I share this with you.

How did I get here,

I sit and wonder.

I was fine not so long ago.

But now I'm slipping under.


I wish it wasn't so,

But there's not much to be done.

The bill's are piling up,

And I'm under the gun.


So I rely on kind strangers

To help if they will,

And maybe someday soon,

I can pay off the biggest bill.


Some people don't like it

This thing that I do

But if I could pay it myself

I wouldn't be asking you

I've tried and I've tried

To come up with a way

To earn some extra income

A little extra pay


The problem, it would seem

Is the schedule I'm on

Working full time

And being a Mom.


About twelve thousand dollars

Is how much I owe

But it might as well be

Twelve million, you know?


So if you can manage

To send a dollar my way

Maybe your kindness

Will come back to you someday!



Stacy Lee

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